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5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience Using a CRM System


The modern business landscape is shaped differently than it was in the last century. Today, it’s all about the customers. Companies are investing a lot of money in learning about their customers and delivering the products and services they want.

One of the reasons is that modern consumers simply know what they want, and they want it to be delivered to them. There are a lot of companies competing for business, so people know that they have a lot of choices. This is why businesses are “all about customers”, but are they really?

Most companies will tell you this story, but they don’t really make any significant effort to provide their customers with the experience they want. A lot of them have some sort of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, but they don’t take advantage of it to improve customer experience.

To a certain extent, this is because they don’t know how to use a CRM system for these purposes, which brings us to today’s topic. Keep reading to learn how your company can improve your customer experience using features common in most CRM systems.

  1. Streamlining all important communications
  2. Assign requests to the right people
  3. Learn more about your customers
  4. Learn about common issues
  5. Monitoring your performance


 Streamlining all important communications

A good CRM software solution allows a business to store all customer communications from all channels in one place. There are even CRM solutions that have the power to store all communication data coming from social networks. Streamlining all this information in a single place allows a business to have a better overview of customer communication.

Having the power to store and analyze this data can be a great asset in providing a better customer experience. A business can reflect on all of the conversations with customers and learn more about their needs, interests, and worries. On top of that, it’s easier to recognize why some conversations were a success while others were not.

A business that cares about these things is an organization that cares about customers. Not only can you learn to approach customers better and open up more possibilities for direct sales, but any positive communication can also lead to referrals, creating long-term relationships, and improving your brand’s reputation.



Assign requests to the right people

One of the most important things when communicating with clients is to let them speak to people who can help them best. Given the fact that a CRM provides you with a centralized list of all inquiries that people have, your business can quickly assign the right employees to issues that they are able to tackle easily.

No customer will like being transferred from one employee to another and waiting a long time to get the answers that he or she needs. A CRM allows you to see what the inquiry is about and see the list of employees who are available, and have the necessary skills and expertise to address the issue.

This increases the chances of the conversation being successful and customers leaving satisfied with the outcome. The whole process will also be much quicker and we all know that customers want to get answers immediately.


Learn more about your customers

In order to provide an amazing customer experience, it is important that you know and understand your customers. The fact that all of the communication can be stored means that you will be able to extract valuable data.

This information can include names, dates of birth, jobs, locations, hobbies and so on. By storing this valuable data, you will be able to reflect on it and learn more about your customers. With this knowledge, you will be able to send them personalized invites, promo materials, and communicate better with them when they come back.

Additionally, all of this personal information allows you to define your target audience even better. Simply put, knowing your customers allows you to provide them with a better experience, no matter what we are talking about.


Learn about common issues

When streamlining and storing all relevant customer information and feedback, a business will have a clear overview of all the essentials needed to provide a better experience. A business won’t improve if it doesn’t know what bugs and issues are present in the customer service process.

A CRM allows you to recognize these issues and work quickly on fixing them. Customer relationship management is an ongoing process that never ends. There will always be something that bothers customers. However, with CRM software, a business will be able to tackle problems quickly, one after the other.

New business opportunities and leads mean new potential difficulties – that‘s why ongoing tracking through a CRM platform is a must.


Monitoring your performance

With a CRM, an organization will be able to look at valuable customer experience metrics, which will also allow them to analyze their efforts. Apart from learning from customers, it is also important for a business to check how things are going on their end. A quality CRM system can collect many different metrics which, depending on the niche, could be more or less important.

Two metrics that can usually tell a business a lot, regardless of industry are:

  • First contact resolution
  • Average handle time

All businesses need to be able to resolve issues that customers have the first time they contact you for help. This metric represents the number of issues that were solved with a positive outcome when customers make contact for the first time.

Average handle time is a metric that shows the time an employee spends on inquiries. It can show how quick and how efficient the company is at providing customers with answers. A comprehensive CRM software can allow a business to track this metric very accurately.


Different organizations have different needs when it comes to customer relationship management, and those needs typically evolve when scaling a business up. This is why it is important to get a comprehensive tool that has a lot of versatility. We suggest looking at NetSuite CRM+, as it is a good all-around platform with an endless number of customizable features and possibilities.

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